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The product code for the microswitch version of e.g. is X. - Drilling, installation and mounting of door furniture is carried out in the same way as of. Patent pending and/or patent Features. Backset Flush Locksets allow doors to slide freely past other sliding units or stationary. range of products also includes ABLOY® cylinder locks for both main and interior doors, ABLOY® gun cabinets . Houses/WD/SD: , LC , LC , S.

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17 ABLOY ABLOY T ABLOY LC Lock case with an automatically deadlocking latchbolt. The deadlocking is controlled by a snib in the forend. Locking: Sliding doors, Abloy LC lock case or Abloy OF lock; hinged aluminium doors, wooden hinged doors, Abloy or LC lock case; surface. – Flush Lockset with Cylinder 56 . If ASSA ABLOY DSS Canada elects to offer a Quote, such price other than ASSA ABLOY DSS Canada's standard.

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without the express written permission of Sargent Manufacturing Company is prohibited. Page 3: General Description Profile Series v. G1 Mortise Lock is designed for areas which require stand alone authorized entry. It is a self-contained microprocessor-controlled keypad with non-volatile memory.

Hinges Right. Page 7 Profile Series v.

Insert blade of common screwdriver into locking piece slot. Page 8 Profile Series v. Page 9 Profile Series v. For fire rated devices, Mortise lockbody connector and wire feed keypad ribbon cable connector and ground wire Page 10 Profile Series v. Put the turn lever in the horizontal position Ref. Slide lever handle onto spindle until fully seated as shown in Fig. Be sure handle is horizontal and facing to the rear of the door 3.

YDM4109 (Mortise Lock) - Fingerprint, PIN Code, Mechanical key & Remote Control (Optional)

Page 11 Profile Series v. Tighten lockbody screws Ref. Laminated veneer lumber together with an aluminium reinforcement ensures that the structure remains straight.

Special thermal insulation in turn keeps the cold air at bay.

Haapsalu Uksetehas

All of our Standard-, Energy-, and Arctic exterior doors are equipped with an Abloy LC lock case, adjustable lock counterpart, and anti-theft hinges. Structurally more robust Arctic- and Energy exterior doors have door leaves of 80 and 70 mm respectively.

With these doors the frame depth can be chosen from , or mm, and the door measurements can be selected freely. The range of designs is wider, and customers are also free to design their own door.

Sidelights for the doors can be fixed or openable, depending on the need. Our exterior doors can be divided into three different classes based on their thermal insulation level; Standard, Energy, and Arctic.

In addition, we also make windowless Standard doors especially for garage and shed use. It has a frame depth of 92 mm, door leaf thickness of 60 mm, and an Abloy lock case.

Still, we always paint the door according to the customer s wishes. Arctic- and Energy doors can also be painted with a different colour on the inside and outside, including the glazing beads. This door is a bit more light-weight More technical details along with Declarations Performance you can find on our website: www.

Crepi patterned glass is standard in our exterior doors. Check the color always from a genuine color chart.

Mechanical lock cases, hinges and door hardware

The two types of doors differ in their features. Venting hardware enables the door to be locked in the ventilation position. The door closes and opens by turning the handle.

The balcony door glass height can be specified according to the height of the adjacent window. A full-glass balcony door is an option also.


Aluminium surface doors are available in , , and mm frame depth and the door measurements can be selected freely. The inside wooden parts can be painted, lacquered, protective coated or stained to desired shade.

Warmth, style and dignity for your home technically high-quality products excellent thermal insulation capacity attractive, carefully detailed products nearly maintenance-free products first-class raw materials 2.

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Factory located in Southern Ostrobothnia.

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